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In the past we are collecting knowledge about Fore / Maconi / 3COM / HP - mostly retired but absolutely excellent products :

HP AdvanceStack 2000 (VG-ANYLan auf Ethernet)

HP AdvanceStack 2000 (FDDI auf Ethernet )

HP Procurve 4000M (10/100/1000 - Ethernet bis 80 ports)

Nortel ACCELAR (10/100/1000 - Ethernet bis 360 ports)

Berkely Networks / Fore Systems / Marconi Systems
ESX 2400 und 4800
Gigabit Fiber High Density Highspeed Switches

Bay Networks Centillion 100 (10/100/155 ATM, TokenRing und Ethernet)

Bay Networks Centillion 1400 (2,34,45,155,622 ATM Fiber und RJ45)

Bay Networks Centillion 1600 (2,34,45,155,622 ATM Fiber und RJ45)

Summit Extreme (10/100/1000 - Ethernet bis 6xx ports)

3COM 12 x Gigabit Ethernet Fiber SC Backbone

3COM Lanplex (FDDI auf Ethernet Umsetzer)

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