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Some practice using our ESX-2400 and ESX-4800

Many requests did arrive, so we will list some practice using our ESX-2400 and ESX-4800 Multi-Gigabit Routing Switches.
We did start to setup these ESX - switches from a bulk of 18 units with all kind of modules and with 9 NSC servers.
Here we will fill our practice and what to take care of.


  • First of all, these switches are really loud and noisy. They need fresh air. And you should run them in a server room only. Do not compare them with a HP4000 or a low cost workgroup switch. It is unreal.
  •     Secondly the real wire-speed is not available with small power, that means, the minimum power consumption of one chassis with one module is 230 Watts/230Volts. And then a fully loaded ESX-4800 raises up to 1800 watts and more.
  •     The chassis are massive from steel, not in the state of the art style like the Bay Networks Centillion 1600 from NEC / Nortel - but really heavy like a Cisco 75xx series, more then 60 kilos.
  •     The NSC takes some time to connect to a switch even on a 100 MBit port and it takes longer and longer depending of the configuration, which must be read at startup.


The ESX-4800 : You need to plug in the switch- modules slightly and softly. Check the "streets" where the metal chassis slide.
No human power needed! NEVER !

We did put a very little drop of oil onto the windings of the fastener screws. That helps a lot, not to damage the nuts and srews.

Table with allmost all bandwidths

10 MBit/s - Ethernet RJ45

16/4 MBit/s - Token Ring - RJ45

34 MBit/s - E3 ATM Coax

45 MBit/s - T3 ATM Coax

100 MBit/s - HP VG Anylan RJ45

100 MBit/s - Ethernet RJ45 und Fiber SC

100 MBit/s - FDDI Fiber MIC, ST und SC

155 MBit/s - RJ45 and Fiber SC

622 MBit/s - Fiber SC

1000 MBit/s - Fiber SC

A comfortable table with allmost all bandwidths is here :

For our German customers :

Router für die Bandbreiten finden Sie hier. Hier haben wir ausführliche Informationen über die Technologie sowie die Begriffe.

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