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Board-Repair :

We can not understand, who is crazy enough to handle boards in that manner. We have got more than six of these. May be this happened by accident, but the scratches on the heat sinks talk from long time bad handling.

However, one board is worth almost dollars (twenty-thousand).

Connector repair :

It is a question of money, to handle these heavy ESX modules extremely careful.

The crashes we have seen are unbeleavable and expensive too.

Some of these we can fix with affordable costs. If the pins of the chips are broken inside the chip´s case, we have no more a chance for soldering the pins again.

Most of the connectors with hundreds of super high quality contacts can be replaced up to three times, AMP / Tyco says.

They are not soldered but pressed in. But when the wholes in the boards are damaged, there is no more a chance to get the board working in a stacked environment.

This is true for both, the ESX 2400 and ESX 4800 boards.

And we found out some other needs for spare and service.

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