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These pages are retired now and will no more been updated.
- last action was in Feb. 2011 -

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June 2004 - Sorry, we need to continue the news page on our other webs.

June 2004

Our first deal with YSK, a South Korean company from Seoul, was done successfully and both parties are very happy. After receiving Japanese paper money a year ago, .......

now we did receive a nice gift as a reminder, to keep going on with our kind of fair business with partners all over the world.

May 2004

Some new pages about the "Network Service Controllers" NSC I and NSC II and the experience with older Adaptec Raid controllers are added. Later on there will be some  reports about the Fore Thought 6.2 software to manage these huge switches.

April / May 2004 - 30 Years RDE

Isnt it a reason to be praud about this ?
In the current situation in 2004 it shows a very good quality of service that our company is still alive and grows well. We are praud to celebrate our 30 Year anniversary at May 3rd.

Jan 2004

It grows really fast and we get more and more units, round about a ton of equipment per month, routers, switches and servers and Raid Arrays and DLT Libraries and Compaq servers.

Please look to our other webs please.

Mid of 2003

For test purpose we did buy two Alteon/3COM 64 bit PCI Gigabit Fiber cards and another two Fore PC boards with 622 Mbit multimode fiber. Now we can easyly check the function and the throughput of Gigabit Ethernet fiber and OC12 / 622 MBit ATM switches.

Currently we dont run any copper Gigabit Ethernet, there are too many problems.

April 2003

This month we got a lot of ESX 2400 single units standalone and within a cage of 4 units, to combine up tp 190 100 Mbit ports. However, we did connect 3 units with 48 x 100 Mbit TX and 1 unit with 6 x 1 Gig fiber SX to one switch.

Jan 2003

Professional equipment is arriving every two months. Sometimes it is close to the limit, we can handle. These units are the ESX 4800 and they are some kind of heavy. But these units are absolutely high tech. More background on the dedicated pages.

Jan 2003 - This page is set up brand new.

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