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Support and information for Berkeley Networks / Fore Systems ESX Switches from RDE


  •     You own a Fore ESX "Provider Class" or "Carrier Class" switch ?
  •     with OC 12 ATM or Gigabit Ethernet or both ?
  •     You need information, support, service or help ?
  •     You know, these models are partially retired products ?
  •     Sorry, we do not talk about SoHo or Workgroup products,
  •     we are talking about High-End Enterprise and Backbone products.


This web is transferred from the former old "www.foreswitches.com" pages into a subpage of our RDE CMS in 2011.

Please be patient with the links inside the content and texts. Many links may be broken.

All this Information ist retired and will not be updated anymore.

All spares are taken to the very far corners of our warehouse. Please be patient.


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