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This is the 48 Volt DC power connector on each module. The blades can handle 7 Amperes ( that means 340 watts) and the switch-module needs it.

Depending on the configuration with its two daughter boards, we did measure 200 watts and more. But the 4 Lucent DC supplies (rectifiers) in the bottom cage of the chassis are supplying 750 watts each.

So a single 4800 module cannot run open and standalone - or you must have our very special service construction with external power and two fans. And you must blow a lot of air onto both DC to DC onboard converters.

The DC to DC converters can supply
5,0V - 20A = 100 watt and
3,3V - 60A = 198 watt.

That is a lot of power and a lot of heat for one board. On other pages we will explaine why these cpu´s take so much power.

We have no information about the effeciency or the loss of that converter.

Oh yes, we got some information about loss and cooling needs. The efficiency is close to 76%

So if you take 100 Watts from your wall outlet, you can supply 76 Watts to your processor boards and you get 24 Watts heat for free, this you must carry out with fans.

If you run this switchfabric open on a labor desktop, you will see, it becomes really hot.

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