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These are the 48 Volt DC power suplies. Depending on the configuration, how many modules are plugged in with all the daughter boards, we did measure more than 200 watts per module (blade). But the 4 Lucent DC supplies in the bottom cage are supplying 750 watts each.

That is enough for all possible modules in 8 slots. We did find out, that the load balancing works fine. You need some more than two units can supply, and with 3 units, you are below the 75% load of each. If you have 4, your system is fault tolerant for a very long term.

We have got the data sheets of the Lucent / Tyco power modules and the chassis to load here : (The PDF´s have 198 KB and 183 KB size)


Looking to the 48 Volts DC concept, you see easyly, that the main EX 4800 unit was build on a pure 48 Volts DC level for carrier class operation. This is one of the very rare units, where you do not need two types of power supplies like Cisco and Ascend and Nortel and others.

However, the Lucent RM 750 are state of the art products. We did open a unit after 3 years of operation. It looks like new. Nothing was burned or "a little bit brown". All components seem to be oversized for very long reliable operation. Reading the specs in the PDF´s above, you see the extreme temperature range, these units will work without stress.

Within this class of quality, it is normal, that there are computer signal outputs for anything and everything.
Please notice, that you need the same power cords like a Cisco 7513 router or a battery power system like an APC 2200 RMI. We have them all, so we have just a balanced number of power cords for our units. These cords are rare and expensive and if you need them urgently, you will find none to buy.  - - - So get them first before you start.

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