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The ESX-2400 Modules : We have seen three versions of development steps.

The unit is upside down now. You need to open the botom, to see the switchboard, the daughterboards and the power supply.

You see one DC to DC converter on the switchfabric, to supply 5 Volts DC to the chips.

And you see the 420 Watts AC to 48V DC power supply ( this units is covered ! ) mounted on the bottom plate.
This is called our Revision 1.

What is really simple to see, on th left side there are 8 big ASIC´s left on the ESX-2400 version. This are the backplane bus drivers for the second 10 gigabit bus.

At Revision 2 there is no more a DC to DC converter on the board. The 5V DC and 3.3V DC are supplied from a 200 Watt AC power supply.
Look to the thin wires around the big ones. These are the feedback lines back to the source, to verify the absolute voltages at the screws on the board. A very reliable and intelligent solution.

This is the 200 Watts multi voltage AC to DC power supply. This may be was an interims solution becomming very hot, running at the limits.

As long as both fans work fine, there will be no problem. The airflow has some disadvantages, where no air is passing some components. If the evironment is less or about 24 degrees celcius, it seems to be ok.

All Rev. 2 units are labeled with the Berkeley Networks label on it.

At Revision 3 there is a 300 Watts multi voltage AC to DC power supply built in. It looks almost the same, but slightly bigger. All these Rev. 3 units have the Fore Systems label on it. But we have broken 300 Watts units too.

In our lab most of the units consume 230 Watts AC at 230 Volts.

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