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Berkeley Networks / Fore / Marconi and the information flow :

You need to know that many customers did tell us, that since the time Marconi bought the Fore company, no more information was supplied to professional customers.

Nobody knows why, for many admins it was the reason to sell out all ESXen.

As we know from Feb 2004, Marconi is in big trouble with all their products and the shrinking service.

So dont expect to much from Marconi. We had to get all information from our own lab and our experience with PCs and Servers and all kind of PC components

So wie did NOT find out how to downgrade (or better to cut off all ports and leaks of) the WIN NT 4.0 server version to that Fore version. Any hint is welcome.

As we got told, you may not mix Series I and Series II units or plugin modules within a chassis. We have not seen the difference between the boards and chips yet, but we are looking for.

Furthermore we have not been able to run an ESX with all ports used and fullpower at maximum bandwidth. We have got some more fiber Gigabit boards to make high speed tests and/or follow up others with their tests. We do not use gigabit of copper.

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