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The NSC I (one) is the smaller one of the NSCs.

Here you see two units. We dont know if its the older model than the NSCII. If you look inside, dont be suprised. The value is in the software and the hardware is the 1998 technology. The units look very nice, but will be placed in a lonely corner working as a server niot a workstation.

The NSCs are comming with different revisions of Adaptec AAA-131x RAID controllers, running RAID1 als fault tolerant SCSI system. Most drives are from IBM, having 4 gigabyte but restricted to 2 gig. WIN NT4 could not boot from larger volumes than 2 gig and there was no need to have more than 2 gig.

The NSC 1 has an Intel board blown from two full size fans in the front and a 266 PII or a 350 PII. The graphics is onboard and sufficient with VGA, all other connectors are like an early version of ATX in the back. The formfactor of the chassis is NLX slimline and thats a 19" rackmount case with 2 units hight. It is from heavy steel and it has a lot of space inside.

The NLX standard is widely unknown but has some good specs for servers. The NSCs have no main switch, they are running day and night as servers.

What you see on the right is our noise reduced demo server, which will NOT be sold, even under hard painful pressure.

Dont search for a floppy or a CD , there is none. But there are 2 physical 100 Mbit(s LAN ports and one logical LAN port.

The Adaptec Windows config tool, old, but simple and easy to use.

As we found out, the mainboard BIOS revision is not critical. But the Adaptec RAID software and Bios revision is extreemly critical. It took us several days to find out what will run and what does not.

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