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The NSC II (two) is the bigger one of the NSCs.

The NSC II (two) is the bigger one of the NSCs. You should have a look to the NSC I page first

Here you see a bulk of NSC II in our laboratory.

All NSCs are comming with different revisions of Adaptec AAA-131x RAID controllers, running RAID1 als fault tolerant SCSI system. Most drives are from IBM, having 4 gigabyte but restricted to 2 gig. WIN-NT4 server could not boot from larger volumes than 2 gig and there is no need to have more than 2 gig.

nice, solid and heavy black 19" rack cases

The NSC II has a dual P II CPU Intel board blown from a large size fan in the front. The Chassis formfactor is a 19" rackmount case with 4 units hight, means double as high as a NSC 1. It is from very heavy steel and it has a lot of space inside too.

Dont search for a floppy or a CD , there is none too. But there are 2 physical 100 Mbit(s LAN ports and one logical LAN port.

We surely know, that today you may buy smaller and more powerful servers for less money. But you need a working environment, to transfer the running software from an 1998 PC-server to a 2004 PC-server.

We are working on that because we have a lot of dual PIII 600 Compaq servers (1850r) for testing

As we found out, the mainboard BIOS revision is not critical. But the Adaptec RAID software and Bios revision is extreemly critical. It took us several days to find out what is running and what does not.

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